ultraspeed testAmphenol Printed Circuits has developed and patented a process for providing the lowest possible insertion loss for high speed digital printed wiring board designs. Recognizing that copper surface roughness contributes significantly to the overall system performance, we addressed the issues associated with standard copper processing and patented a transferable and licensable technology.

UltraSpeed® has been tested and verified to mitigate transmission loss in printed wiring boards. Available on many of the most common and popular laminate systems, we continue testing and evaluating laminate combinations to offer the best performance with significant value to our customers. Over long-run transmission lines at high frequency applications, the performance is even more impressive realizing improvements for specific applications in excess of 6dB.

Amphenol's unique ability to design, simulate and fabricate the combination of UltraSpeed performance with our vast offering of high-speed connector systems provides customers with a path forward to meet all of the most demanding high speed interconnect challenges.  


Amphenol’s UltraSpeed technology has numerous user benefits. Users can achieve data rates of 56 Gb/s by maximizing: the design of the PCB and connectors and the manufacturing of the complete backplane assembly. This is achieved within the confines of a system’s current architecture, thereby eliminating any costly changes from a complete re-design.


  • Known, robust and reliable component architectures
  • PWB-based, PTH, and press-fit connector attachment, and proven backplane assembly and test


  • Lower cost PWB materials for the high volume fabric and line cards
  • Potential elimination of expensive channel repeaters due to better IL performance


  • Avoid increased metal complexity
  • Avoid increased handling and assembly complexity required with optics/ cable



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